Warehouse Receiving Instructions

Standard Delivery Instructions

Packaging and labelling of stock to these guidelines will ensure prompt and accurate processing of deliveries into our warehouse and through our systems. These guidelines will avoid errors in stock identity and handling. They will also protect the health and safety of staff, as well as ensure the integrity and condition of the stock.

Failure to meet these guidelines may result in additional storage and handling charges being applied.


  • notify us of expected deliveries – telephone on 01797 364296
  • let us know if you want us to quality inspect or test your goods
  • deliver the goods in on ‘A grade’, clean 1000mm x 1200mm, 4-way entry pallets, stacked up to 1200mm high from the floor, shrink wrapped in clear or opaque shrink-wrap/stretch-wrap
  • when delivering mixed pallets, we will need to split and locate in separate locations, carton receiving charges instead of pallet receiving charges will then apply
  • ensure the pallets are clearly labelled with the contents, including pallet numbers that marry up with the packing list

We want to make the process as accurate and cost free as possible. When there is missing documentation, damaged pallets, over height deliveries, additional work will be required to make the consignment safe and / or put goods away. The charge for the additional work is then forwarded to yourselves.

If you adopt these receiving instructions as your instructions to your supplier then you should be able to forward any additional costs to them to. Our interest is to strip out cost and delay from all processes and our standard charges reflect being able to receive goods in an efficient manner.

Notify us of delivery by phone

To ensure that we can unload in a timely manner, please phone our goods in line on 01797 364296 to agree a suitable time for delivery. Whilst we will not turn unexpected deliveries away, if we are currently unloading other vehicles then the delivery will have to wait for a free slot.

Your haulier may charge you for waiting time.

Standard receiving hours are between the hours of 08.00—13.00 and 14.00—16.00 Monday to Friday.

Make sure we have detailed delivery documentation

You will also need to email over suitable documentation to allow us to check the goods accurately.

Failure to supply documentation adds delay and cost to the booking in process.

Please email this to goodsin@accessfulfilment.com

 Quick goods in inspection

When receiving goods to our warehouse we do carry out a visual check of the outside of the cartons to see if there are any obvious problems. A count of the number of pallets or cartons is made and checked against the documentation; any discrepancies are notified.

Discrepancies, although quite rare, are usually discovered after the haulier has left our premises. If you want us to make the complete check with the haulier present then you should make arrangements with the haulier for them to remain whilst these checks take place.

 Detailed testing and inspection

If you require us to complete a more detailed inspection or testing then please arrange this by contacting goodsin@accessfulfilment.com or by phone on 01797 364296.

Pallet requirements

Loose box / carton deliveries are acceptable. Deliveries of loose boxes /cartons will be transferred onto an Access Fulfilment supplied pallet at time of delivery.

Unless otherwise agreed with goodsin@accessfulfilment.com, all products are to be delivered into us on a British Standard (BS 2629) 4-way entry pallet (1000mm x 1200mm), non reversible, full perimeter base. All pallets should be securely wrapped with clear or opaque shrink-wrap/stretch-wrap to create a secure, sealed outer.  The maximum height of a pallet to enable secure storage racking is 1200mm from the floor.

To ensure that packs may be handled safely and without damage, the film used for
shrink-wrapping should have a puncture resistance equivalent to the total pack weight.  The shrink-wrap on a product should be sufficient to prevent any single cases becoming loose or separated.

If your goods are for subsequent delivery by pallet to retailers then we would recommend that the height from the floor be restricted to 1000mm, and the maximum pallet weight is restricted to 450 kg.  All pallets must arrive with us in a good condition.

Any stock delivered on Euro, 3-leg, plastic, broken, or damaged pallets will need to be re-palletised at your expense.


Pallet Size:                                                           1000 mm x 1200 mm

Capacity:                                                              Up to 1000 kg

Type:                                                                     4-way entry

Nails:                                                                    Angular Ring Shank 3/per joint

Pallet Height:                                                      162mm

Product Overhang:                                             Nil

Top / Deck Boards:                                            7 Boards               1000 x 112 x 17mm

2 Boards                                                               1000 x 135 x 17mm

Stringers:                                                             3 Stringers           1200 x 100 x 25mm

Blocks:                                                                  6 Block                 160 x 95 x 95mm