Locating and Identifying your Products

Putting your product away and product identification

 It is of vital importance that we are able to identify your product accurately in order to pick  orders correctly

All individual SKU’s (Stock Keeping Units) must be able to be clearly identifiable and marked with at least one identification number and also preferably the product description.

Multi-part sets requiring assembly should be clearly marked.

Once the product arrives at our fulfilment centre we add the product to our stock file and the product code is prefixed with your unique customer reference so that in the event of two clients holding the same item in stock, we can then clearly identify who is the owner of the stock.

Each item is given an internal reference number which stays with the product for its lifetime.

Sometimes products are upgraded or sourced from different suppliers.  If the product has an identical identification number, look and description, then we will use the same internal reference.

If there are any changes to the product which requires us to manage a change-over then a new internal reference will be issued, which will allow you / us to manage the change-over process.

Hazardous, fragile or sensitive items

Access Fulfilment will need to be able to identify products needing additional protective packaging in order to preserve the integrity of the product throughout the fulfilment process.

Products sensitive to dust, dirt or humidity must be protected by transparent poly bags, fragile items must be clearly labelled as fragile, and heavyweight items labelled with the weight.

Please advise us of any products which require special care and handling.